Pi _ 22/7: Is the most important entity associated with a circle. Pi – immediately brings to mind challenges, unpredictability , contintuity and so on.. One of the most ancient numbers with enormous modern significance., Pi encompasses measurement, wholesomeness or fullness. It is both within and beyond the infinite or endless possibilities.

In business parlance, Pie represents many facets of a business, be itmarket share, competition analysis, employee appraisal, product quality / productivity or to depict various ratios/charts and graphical representations of business or the business opportunity.


Business Advisory

We believe in evaluating and assessing where you are and what you want to be by giving specific solutions to your individual dreams.

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HR Advisory

Our HR consulting vertical offers services that help companies in their strategic growth that involves their workforce and other related resources.

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First Time Entrepreneur / Entry Level Startup

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Hyper Stage

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The Prime Stage

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