We believe in evaluating and assessing where you are and what you want to be by giving specific solutions to your individual dreams. We help you achieve your dreams by concretizing your aspirations and by working on complex systems in a very simple way to provide effective and profitable results. Our Assess, Assist and Attest model works just right for any company be it a start-up or a multi-core company.

• Helps you envision a model where none exist
• It maximizes your network and contacts
• helps in mobilizing requisite finances
• fully monetizing your assets
• increase employee productivity
• expand your market share

We Reassess, Rework, resize and restructure the entire operations by helping in collaborations and lean methodologies. We technologically structure your business among other things to effectively manage and also to grow your business to its fullest potential through quality and best practices. Our proprietary, tailor-made, institution-specific programs maximize efficiency and create happily resources.

Our HR consulting vertical offers services that help companies in their strategic growth that involves their workforce and other related resources. We offer end-to-end solutions in the areas pertaining to Human Resource strategy and growth to start-ups and SME’s across industries. We help companies by offering customized solutions in various activities of HR, design employee friendly policies and build a growth-oriented culture.

Our areas of services can be broadly classified into:

Corporate Initiatives

  • HR Process Outsourcing
  • Organization Development
  • Organization Values and Culture
  • Competency Mapping
  • Succession Planning
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Corporate Communication strategy

Talent Management

• HR Policies, Procedures, and Process
• Employee Lifecycle management
• Rewards & Recognition Programs
• Performance Management

Talent Development

• Behavioral and soft skills training
• Technical training
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Leadership development programs

Talent Acquisition

• Manpower planning
• End-to-end Recruitment solutions
• Executive Search

Employability Index

• For startups – help in hiring right people at right time and with right remuneration.
• For jobseekers – help them in getting relevant skills for better success in acquiring jobs.