Why be an Entrepreneur?

15 April 19

All over the world millions of viewers religiously huddle up in front of their television sets to watch ‘Shark Tank’. Shark Tank is an Emmy award winning reality TV show on ABC in its 10th season. It features a panel of business executives and investors (called ‘Sharks’) who listen to pitches and invest (at their discretion) in aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking funding for their business, products, or services in return for an equity stake.

This phenomenon! has in recent times picked up momentum, giving us all the yearning to pave our own path, build something lasting, ultimately making a deep and meaningful impact on our lives.

Here are some reasons why entrepreneurship is in vogue,

  • One can use their boundless creativity! to its maximum potential which otherwise might be hindered in certain corporate surroundings
  • You wake up being driven and motivated everyday as you know what it means to truly follow your passion!
  • You will be independent and a true person of action! and not just words
  • There is a certain freedom and complete control that can be exercised over your destiny
  • Being an entrepreneur truly accelerates your learning curve. One learns to be a lifelong learner, wearing different hats- right from a lowly employee to a CEO boss!
  • It also feels positively great to know your work is adding to the national income, creating social change, providing jobs and helping the community
  • One Entrepreneur can help an entire community grow! They can invest in likeminded ventures support other home grown businesses. They can provide financial aid to local charities and pay it forward.
  • The advent of internet and technology has changed traditional businesses and their conventional workings. Finding right minded people, asking questions, connecting with customers, finding smart money and right investors for the business is all just click away now!
  • Entrepreneurship promotes research and development by providing much needed funding to universities and research studies for experimentation thereby enhancing the scope for innovative finding.
  • Last but not the least there is a certain responsibility that is shouldered by all entrepreneurs as they dare to see the bigger picture, ask the bigger questions and seek solutions to the problems that plague our lives. They truly are the harbingers of hope and change!

We, here at PiMARQ support those trailblazers with courage to journey a less travelled path. New beginnings are always hard, especially so when you don’t know what’s next in the uncertainty of today’s business environment. PiMARQ is a perfect partner to face these unchartered new challenges! We are there to help you out right from aligning ambitions to pave way for a concrete vision, from seeking investors to planning your finances, from choosing a business structure to creating a business strategy and all the way to reaping profits. PiMARQ will help you create a conducive climate designed to make your business thrive!

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